Month: September 2016


And so here we have it the passing of yet another season of New York Fashion Week, the spring/ summer edition, another season to feel inspired and renewed as many a designer deigned to share their creative minds with us yet again through their respective collections. This season was the season for color whether it be bright or minimal or even in between, it’s presence was noted. Designers such as Marchesa and Leanne Marshall, adopted very ethereal, looks this season and while Marshall kept the colors to lavenders, pinks, and taupes with the occasional whites and blues, and a myriad of colors the music from the runway set the tone for the show as it translated an otherworld like setting. Marchesa was an absolute dream the gowns were absolutely stunning as the show set an ambient tone, each look reflecting a fairy tale of sorts. Photographing gowns on the runway are probably my favorite images to capture and none were more runway and red carpet ready than Michael Costello. Jeremy Scott projected a vibrant seventies mod look, with vibrant pops of neon color. Our favorite snapchat filters came to life on the runways of Desigual, in ode to the latest social media craze. I have noted in previous posts my obsession with a good button down blouse and nobody does it better than Taoray Wang, her entire collection is a reflection of my personal style and it was an absolute pleasure to have the chance to cover her show once again. Pastels and minimalistic pieces were seen in the likes of Noon by Noor, Dennis Basso, Vera Wang and Cushnie et Ochs. This season I had the privilege of working with famed fashion illustrator and good friend Emily Brickel Edelson, co-founder and illustrator of CHIC SKETCH, who worked very closely with designer Nicole Miller to bring her collection to life through illustration, her work opened up Miller’s runway show online! With the incredible showing this season February couldn’t arrive any faster! And for those of you going through NYFW withdrawals fear not as London, Milan and Paris are still hosting their own fashion weeks, but if that isn’t enough and the excitement of New York during the fashion month is the only cure to your ails, then stayed tuned in February for the Fall/ Winter edition! Here are some of the images  captured from my adventures during NYFW spring/summer 2017, with special thanks to the respective designers.

NOON BY NOOR 9/ 8/17








VERA WANG  9/13/17


MARCHESA 9/14/17




Whether you’re on the go or just pressed for time, these must have essentials during the fashion month are the way to go! So during NYFW, my social media was flooded with questions on what my go to products/appliances are to survive the jungle that is fashion week, here are some of my picks that helped me get through the week!!

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Sunglasses | SMOKE & MIRRORS  Earrings | RUE GEMBON  Headphone | SUDIO SWEDEN Watch | FJORD TIMEPIECES Oil Absorbing Sheets |CLEAN & CLEAR

My Lo and Sons camera bag was the real MVP during this especially hectic week, besides the fact that it is a camera bag for ladies, it was convenience in bag form, with a removable compartment to place both your camera and other necessities, the simplicity of carrying my camera with the stylish appearance of a handbag.

Next up were my Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla headphones, now when I mention convenience these headphones take the cake. Whenever I take photos my headphones tend to get tangled with my bag or my camera straps making it harder to access my phone, whilst detangling my headphones, but not these ones. The Vasa Bla headphones are wireless headphones that connect with your phone via bluetooth for up to 8 hours of studio quality sound with long battery life, they are extremely light and offers so much freedom when I’m taking photos, not to mention that it also comes with multiple ear sleeve sizes, so you don’t have to worry about your headphones slipping out!

A cool pair of sunglasses where do I even start? The right pair can go a long way , and add that extra “cool” factor to any outfit, of course this is especially beneficial when one is vying for those coveted, street style shots. My shades from Smoke and Mirrors were my token go to sunglasses.

Water is literally your best friend! I cannot express, how important it is to stay hydrated, during the week running from show to show, it is especially imperative that you carry something to small to snack on while traveling in between shows. In a majority of the venues, beverages were provided which put exhaustion to a halt but if you didn’t have the luxury of taking a breather carrying a bottle of water is the way to go!

Keeping track of time is of course the number one priority during the fashion month and what better way to tell time with style, with my silver Fjord timepiece, I am THAT person that tends to veer away from over the top,” loud ” colors when it comes to watches and this one is far from that, it’s that timepiece that goes with almost everything you wear!

Band aids, bobby pins and  a small compact brush go a long way and no they won’t all be used together, but for those of us that choose to wear our highest heels or break in those new pair of loafers you purchased specifically for the fashion month, (I am guilty of this) your band aid, (or band- aids) should and will be a constant companion during these trying times, trust me on this one ! Or just save yourself the trouble and invest in a pair of fast flats!

Google maps will never lead you astray, there will be the chance that many of the shows will be offsite, should you happen to take the subway or need to tell your uber where to go organizing where which show is and when will really help, having a planner to tell you what shows are when are where will alleviate so much unnecessary stress.

How could I forget! PHONE CHARGER! Or a portable one at that, has saved many a blogger/ photographer during the fashion month, granted that many of the venues have charging stations, but it just feels a lot better when you have your phone charging in your hand as opposed to waiting for it to do so. Anything can happen during fashion week and missing those Instagram or Snapchat moments can be disappointing.

Besides these essentials, there are many more that I cannot conjure up at the moment, but as a photographer, having an extra set of memory cards are a plus of course! These and many more are the way to go, so if you have the chance to set out to London, Milan, Seoul, Paris ect. or even right here in New York, for fashion week, these items are perfect!